Spawn; multi-modulated hybrid fuzz driver.

It’s a bit like describing an elephant with this one - there’s a lot of stuff to cover. You can tell that by looking at it though, can’t you? If you don’t want to keep reading, have a look at the video; the first 30 seconds will probably tell you if you want this thing or not.

So I’ve tried the hyperbole angle: “Robotic sequences of scorched fuzz or shimmering and shifting saturated textures”. I expect you’re none the wiser? It’s probably not going to be your first choice for Oasis covers if that helps?

Maybe more of a technical approach? “Externally clockable 8-waveshape oscillator with tap tempo and expression pedal speed control option.” Hmmm, half of you have glazed over and Dave at the back there wants to know about wavetables and CV inputs (not now Dave!)

Maybe I should be “telling a story” as all those awful marketing blogs and vlogs seem to insist? “Shout out to Bruce for calling my bluff at the synth expo a couple of years ago when I claimed I could add modulation and expression pedal control to pretty much any pedal circuit.” That bit is true at least. I didn’t want to part with Bruce’s crazy pedal either so I had to build myself one, and then I showed someone else...

Is it a “guitar pedal”? Yeah, same as our others are, but it also likes bass and synths and beats. Spawn’s engine is our most popular pedal to date - the Spore fuzz. We love the versatility of the Spore - 3 independent gain stages give you everything from amp-like touch sensitive overdrive to a wall of germanium square-waved squall and oscillation.

Spawn takes this adjustability out of your hands (if you want) and puts it at your feet if you connect an expression pedal (designed with a Roland EV-5 but certainly others should work too). You can use it like a wah pedal only you’re moving the Spray control, changing the germanium gain and texture with it. Then you flip the LFO switch and you’re into a different world again. It sort of acts like a tremolo circuit, but there’s a lot more going on than just turning the volume up and down. Again, the oscillator is patched to the Spray control.

I could keep going but there’s a video down there so you can hear and watch rather than read what it does. Watch it on YouTube, there’s time stamps so you can jump to the bits you’re interested in.

Like more or less all things Lateral, you’ll be wanting a 9V DC power supply for this guy, batteries are not an option here.

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