Hi there, welcome to Lateral Sound. We (Jon and Amy) make effects pedals by hand in Weston super Mare in the South West of England. Our pedals are all original designs and are built mainly for guitars but we’ve learned that they also sound great with a bass or a synth or whatever…

Our ethos is simple; creative musicians need inspiring equipment. We design our effects to be as flexible and exciting as possible – you want your guitar to sound like a broken fruit machine or an angry robot? Fine, but you also want to be able to hear the notes in the riff that you’re playing? No worries. We think that there are probably enough ‘bluesy overdrive’ pedals out there, but maybe there’s nothing wrong with being able to get that tone from a fuzz pedal that can also sound like a motorbike. You should be able to sculpt your sound, not have it limited and defined by the kit that you use.

We’re pretty obsessed with this stuff and our customers tend to be too.



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Jon building pedals