A long time coming - we’ve had customers asking about a Lateral delay pedal for years and the answer has always been the same:

“There’s no point in building what’s already out there, we’d need to be able to put a worthwhile twist on it”.

Praxis represents the Lateral answer to delay question. Yeah it does echoes and repeats but you can hack into them, dial in glitches and new rhythms, bubbling, pitch-shifting, shimmering layers of sometimes bewildering sound. And that’s before you plug anything into the effects loop.

Praxis offers two on-board ways of modulating your echoed signal:

  • A square-wave tremolo with 2 independent oscillators that can interrupt and override each other, ‘hacking’ into the delay line and glitching the echoes.
  • Delay time modulation, again via two independent oscillators, either creating sine (smooth sweeps) or square (abrupt jumps and staggers) waves.

You then have the option to plug other effects units into the delay line and process your echoed signal further with the onboard effects loop. This expands the functionality of the Praxis hugely, we’ve had a lot of fun running distortions, fuzzes, phasers and bitcrushers in the loop, literally the possibilities are endless.

Rather than stop there, we also built in a couple of extra handy features that are controlled by the second footswitch. When the pedal is bypassed, you can ‘punch’ into the delay line as long as your foot is on the switch. Once you release it, the echoes will fade until they’re gone. When the pedal is on, the footswitch puts Praxis into infinite repeats mode - echoes can build and build and pile up and saturate and overwhelm.

As with all of the larger Lateral pedals, Praxis requires a 9v power supply to give it life.

Shipping Region

Your pedal will be shipped up to 7 days after ordering (To allow us time to build it for you!)