Linda - Dual-Channel Fuzz / Overdrive / Distortion

In 2009 the Lateral Sound Spore became a thing. We've sold more Spores than any other design. Spore is versatile because it has 3 controllable gain stages, letting you conjur up a really wide range of dirty textures. Spore also works happily with anything you plug in, be it a guitar or a groovebox.

In 2022 the DeadBlow came along. It's also proved popular, which is nice. DeadBlow, like Spore is a hybrid (Germanium & Silicon) drive/fuzz but instead of being super tweaky, there are just the 2 controls: One knob for loud, the other combines low-end content and gain. DeadBlow was conceived not only to function as a stand-alone but also to "stack" with other pedals or hit an amp hard.

These two combined make up Linda. The Spore circuit was revisited and an active 3-band EQ replaces the original one knob passive tone control. The Spore's party trick oscillation and feedback has also been ironed out a bit too, in favour of a broader range of "useful" sounds. You can use the two circuits independently or run the DeadBlow into the Spore

Linda is an absolute inspiration machine if you're looking for new tones. She can do the classics but really shines when the green overdrive or 3-knob fuzz aren't giving you the stand-out sound you need.

There’s a video down below so you can check out what she's capable of. Don't be put off by the run-time - there are time stamps so you can skip about easily if you're in a hurry.

You’ll be wanting a 9V DCpower supply for Linda, batteries are not an option here.

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