Fuse - Analogue Modulated Downsampler

Back in 2009 we launched our Bit pedal. It got a great reception and went on to become one of our best sellers. The Fuse is the result of examining every element of the Bit, standing back and asking “can this be improved?”

The core principle is the same - an analogue circuit that emulates digital distortion or more specifically, digital sample rate reduction. We’ve kept the ‘fake digital’ thing because - on checking - it sounded gnarlier than a legit digital alternative that we temporarily developed. The internal oscillator that does the crushing/sample rate reduction is new though, now an in-house developed and programmed chip with better stability than the original.

The modulation has been significantly enhanced too - there’s now an 8-waveform oscillator that can be controlled manually, with a tap-tempo switch or via an external pulse signal, meaning you can clock it/sync it with hardware or your DAW.

The wet/dry blend circuit has been improved, giving you much better control and a cleaner sweep from fully clean to fully ‘crushed’.

There’s also a new tone control in the shape of a very synthy (if you want it to be) low pass filter. This dramatically expands the potential of the Fuse, allowing anything from a gentle top-end roll off to resonant sweeps and chirps when mapped to the internal LFO. You can even control it with an external voltage source if you want to hook it up to your modular rig or sequencer.

There’s a video down below so you can check out everything it does. If you choose to watch it on YouTube there are time stamps so you can jump straight to the guitar/bass/synth sections.

Like more or less all things Lateral, you’ll be wanting a 9V DC power supply for this feller, batteries are not an option here. Plus batteries are nasty.

Shipping Region

Your pedal will be shipped up to 7 days after ordering (To allow us time to build it for you!)