DeadBlow - Hybrid Fuzz/Overdrive

Lateral Sound offers creative tools that help you shape your own sound. This frequently (and deliberately) leads to “feature creep” - an idea starts out simple but “extras” get added as it develops. DeadBlow was an exercise in restraint.

It started with a brief to create a dirt pedal with no more than 2 controls. Something to work well both on its own as well as pushing an amp or stacking with other effects.

DeadBlow runs a fairly hot Germanium gain stage into a Silicon stage to create a sound that has more teeth than a generic overdrive but is smoother and more articulate than a retro fuzz. It’s loud too - unity gain is about 10:00 on the Force dial so it can pack quite the wallop. The Impact control was borrowed from our Scalpel overdrive - it lets you adjust the amount of low frequency (bass) content that you feed the DeadBlow. That means it acts both as a filter and a form of dirt control - back it off to tighten-up, crank it to fatten things up.

DeadBlow works great with single coil pickups, humbuckers and even basses; check out the demo below:

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