Announcing BitFix. He’s Bit’s nasty little sibling, giving you the opportunity to get bitcrush crazy without committing to the full-on madness of Bit.

Under the bonnet he’s got the same engine as Bit, the only difference being that he’s slimmed down and stripped back. All of the attitude but in a simpler, more streamlined package.

Turn down the Crush control and he’ll sink his teeth in. Fizzy harmonics give way to migraine-inducing shards and then the notes disappear and you’re left with clanging confusion. That’s where the Blend control comes in – you can mix your clean signal with the chaos, allowing you to keep the notes of whatever you’re playing audible while Bit does his thing.

Smother him with delay and reverb for textural atmospheres or just bang out angry robot riffs, BitFix is a nasty, spiky little weapon to add to your arsenal.

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