Alan - Evolving, Shifting Delay & Reverb

Modulated reverb and delay is nothing new but Alan is his own guy.

Alan keeps changing his mind about the whole time thing. Not like a queasy wobbly tape-delay or shimmering ethereal reverb…more like a hyperactive and occasionally obnoxious glitchy time traveller. You don't control him so much as give him suggestions about the patterns of echoes and repeats that he makes.

Alan's noise oscillators can be blended in with your signal too, bringing new atmospheres and textures to your music.

Alan was designed with a guitar in one hand and a laptop in the other but he's more than happy to perform his antics on synths, samples, beats, your modular rig or whatever else you've got in mind.

There's a time-stamped video below so you can check out his backstory (involving my friend John from or jump to the areas you're most interested in.

As with all things Lateral you'll be wanting a centre-negative 9V DC power supply to keep Alan moving, he's not into batteries.

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